10:20 AM On Club PenguinEdit

Good morning my fellow penguins some of you may see my ads on youtube and facebook i hate posting adds but how else am i gonna get out there im making flyers its so fun! I want everyone to know about me and my lil blog i will try my best to be There for yall! ANyways im decorating my iggy i know its almost halloween and are iggys are supposed to be decked out but i just cant live in a haunted mansion :) I will be on a normal server Abominable C ya There <3

Haunted Iggy's v.s. Rich Iggy'sEdit

If you catch my penguin on the island you get a free interview all the penguins i interview find me :) So ill be doing interviews today the usual and fixing up my iggay! Now your probably like WTF why are you having a basic iggy and im saying because thats how i roll! I thoguht about it for an hour and im gonna have a normal iggy with a lil bit of decoration but not a completly haunted mansion. I will be doing the trick or treating thing i will be visiting iggys and ill trick or treat as well :) Ah! My iggy is tricked and treated i decided to make penguin way street then two haunted iggy's :) Im sorry this took me a log time to type what im typing because of decrorating :o

I made an amazing 3 part iggy :D

Im going to dress in costume and begin the fun. nOT FINISHED YET GET BACK TO YOU SOON

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