ClubPenguinNews8675- Being a Cute Pookie On Club Penguin05:55

ClubPenguinNews8675- Being a Cute Pookie On Club Penguin

Bay Bee Girl

"Most Common Pookie"

Pookies/How to VideoEdit

Pookies are Club penguins version of Cildren and Babies. Cp messaged Me On my Gmail account several times to talk with me. One of our topics were pookies they think its cute and a great way to be spontanious and be "Unique". If you want to adopt a pookie or Be a Mumu Search Mumu on My wiki and you'll see how to be a Mumu Good Luck penguins

Middle Wista/ BroderEdit

Middles or "Middies" are the Middle children they are not pookies they are exactly like Biggy's accept they arent in university and they dont go to cheer practice and text usually when a biggy is taken they say can i be "Middie" Middle Broder plays soccer or football and chases after girls so "middies" are Children basicly.

Biggy Wista/ BroderEdit

Biggy's go to play different sports Like Cheerleading and practice texting or Blogging they enjoy being the boss and acting as if parents dont get them they try to fake a certain Swag and they act all cool and cute and try to get a boyfriend Like most teenagers right?!? anyways Biggy's often ask if they can be in the Fam-Fam as they say it Kids these days what can you do?!?!? Lol im a kid ....

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