Mascots and BotsEdit

Mascots are penguins that come to parties to exploit ClubPenguin. You can meet them where clubpenguin says they'll be at the given time. Most mascots  are bots or act like bots for example Cadence During the hollywood party she was saying Lts Dance,Fly, Check out the Nightclub , And when I was at the Night Club She said Shop at the Clothes Shop , Fly Designs. Cadence is a popular penguin she Is a Dj at the Night Club also known as "Princess Cadence" Club penguin's bots are very important to the website without them they would have no advertisement and it helps grab others  attention The video im showing you is by ThinkNoodles He is meeting cadence for the 2nd watch the video to learn more about her.


"One of the Mascots Princess Cadence"

Club Penguin Meeting Cadence Live Stream Now Over01:10:51

Club Penguin Meeting Cadence Live Stream Now Over

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