Steps To Be A Mumu And What A Mumu IsEdit

A mumu is a penguin who adopts a pookie if you want to Know what a Pookie and Duh-Duh is I suggest you check out the pookie and Duh-Duh pages. Mumus want to be mothers on a website for Kids??? Weird right well thats what we kids do and a mumu wants to be rich notorious and Braggs alot but pookies Love that about there mumu's why? Because they want to appear as cute as possible as i would to. So Mumus are penguins that are girls and love to adopt pookies but know how to spot a bad mumu she usually looks rich but soon she tourtures you be sure to go to the iggy first then after you aprove Say woo iggy when They pick you. Look at what A picture of a Bad Mumu looks like and watch the video how to be one so you know how to spot one. Now the fun part steps to become a great mumu

1. Say "Steps Out of Designer Barbie Jet Set Style Pink Jet.

2. Say" Looks for Boom Boom Diva That Clings! -or- Looks For Cute Clinging Pookie.

3. Say "Taps Mango Tango Beak With VaVaVoom French Nails

4 Find A pookie that Clings to you or that you like. And say "Awh! Spins in (Season) Air I pick you! And take care of your pookie as you would a puffle feed your pooie take them out ALOt and teach them to go SWIMMY in the secret lake.

Images (1)

"Bad Mumu"

Being A Bad Mumu!09:48

Being A Bad Mumu!


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