"fire ninja"


You found me.Edit

COngrads you found me so you won the coin code for 25,000 coins im so happy find me for the code luv ya

   Road to fire Ninja.Edit

Q. Whats it like being a Fire Ninja

A. Great as a fire ninja i can make fire come out of my hands and I learned to master the fire ninja ways!

Q. How hard is it to become a Ninja.

A. Its hard First you have to become a real ninja then play another ninja game it lets you choose a side Fire, Water, Snow i choose fire and i kept playing and soon i was a fire ninja.

Q. why did you want to be fire ninja?

A. To conquer and Duh to make fire come out of my hands lol

Q. What brings you to cp?

A. Disney.. I hate the commercials! LOL


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