Halloween Party 2013Edit

Clubpenguin just got a little spookier! The ghosts are back!! I was suprised at first but hey it happened and im happy , Club penguin made a new halloween party pack just for NON-MEMBERS! I think its free but im not sure. I would say that clubpenguin is doing it for the non-members but thats not true club Penguin hasnt updated the "for everyone" Section since the HOLLYWOOD PARTY!!. PLease leave a comment about what you think needs to change about Cp and i'll make sure i pass it on to Cp.

   Misty Items & Dark SecretsEdit

Club penguin dusted off the halloween catalog and came up with a few new ideas to keep penguins like me and you from going MAD! The Catalog was a little delayed and the new items dont make up for it. I love getting items WHO DOESNT but this catalog made me get a couple the only catalog i would give praise is the furniture catalog! I do edit club penguin a little bit by giving the creators ideas a lot they offered me a job! But sadly im underage and i wont be able to accept so i help change Cp for no pay but im good because im making things better for us penguinteers , Poonchinators , BROS, And Thinkers Im a poonchinator for life and A Bro as well as a thinker :)


"Catalog Cover"


"new Party Pack"

Club Penguin October 2013 Clothing Catalog Cheats04:31

Club Penguin October 2013 Clothing Catalog Cheats


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