Halloween Party 2013Edit

The Halloween Party has just begun i know im a little late but it would be worst if i didnt post. As we all know this halloween they have added trick or treating! You can now find these jolly jack o lanterns and select three candies and you can earn a cursed cand such as a Fang Fudgies, Full Moon Fireball , and a Zombie Zinger. You can earn candies by trick or treating and you can buy things with your candies a non member can only earn 4 items and a member can earn more from the members only section its nice the include things for everyone but it is mean because clubpenguin should be more thoughtful about the other people on their website its kind of like Racism between the rich and non rich. I messaged Cp about the Items for everyone and they included it because my connections to Cp They werent going to include it at first! Well thank you Haunt on Penguins! - Lilac

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