Lunaaguna & Cherryripe4Edit

Lunnaaguna has an amazing style i love her style and here are some of the things she says!

1) Sometime im a prep not often though thats called Cp themeing and i dont want to be part of a "THeme" I want my own style and flair so 1. DOnt theme yourself Etc. Nerd,Prep,Pookie. I wear the WIde awake eyes with a Rare t-shirt yes rare is overused on cp but i love to look like no one else and to be an indivisual!

2. Dont say Things that make you look conceeded like "Steps out of Golden elmo jet" "Waves to screaming fans" IM gonna tell you like it is Were not famous this is the artic!

3. HATS HATS AND MORE HATS! Hats are fabu theyre toats in wear a fadora it makes you look edgy BTW'S you look toats adorbs!! Her words not mine :) Anyways not many Penguinteers wear hats like fadoras so try it out youll look edgy!!!

Cherryripe4 HAS SOME NEWS 4 YOU!Edit

CherryRipe4 here im a pookie its really tuff but ill get adopted anyways in my travels i met lots of weird folks and ive seen the cutest things from slippers to pumpkin hats we are decked out cute and ready to get adopted for you pookies out there who need a mumu i feel ya ive been a pookie for 2 years now seriously! YOur outside treavler here - Cherryripe4.

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